RAY BAN New Media Event

Luxottica Group is a global leader in high-end eyewear products and the owner of Ray-Ban, a famous sunglasses brand. The group recently announced that the Ray-Ban Ray-Ban brand Never Hide communication platform has launched a new event – ​​Never Hide What You’re Made Of (without hiding, born of “material”).

This media activity was formally launched today. The most eye-catching part is the seven creative photos taken by famous photographer Mark Seliger (and one will be released later this year), which fully explains Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban brand’s core spirit: to break the tradition and never hide. These eight photos vividly captured the wonderful moments of several characters, demonstrating how they performed the mission of pioneers and subversives in their daily lives.

This is Seliger’s third shot of the Never Hide event for the brand in New York and Los Angeles. In his mind, “This event is a collaboration to create a visual picture of the new Ray-Ban Ray-Ban product line. It feels like this It was like acting as a photographer in the film of director Kubrick. The narration of Erik Vervroegen’s narrative was humorous and ironic, and it was amazing. I had a trusting relationship with Erik and Erika Ferszt, helping me Achievement of the finest photography.”