Ray-Ban announces Zhang Yixing as the first brand spokesperson in China

Since its inception, Ray-Ban has always supported and encouraged young people to express their truest self. It has become the most sought-after genius in the music, fashion, and film industries. It has produced a unique and far-reaching influence on global culture and lifestyle. The influence eventually evolved into the classical symbol of the fashion field. As one of the most influential stars in China at the moment, Zhang Yixing has always been dedicated to the pursuit of personal dreams. In the face of flowers and applause, he has been making unremitting efforts. He is fearless in the face of doubts and challenges and is always loyal to the truest voice in his heart. Its “Young, Energetic, Fearless, True Self” image perfectly fits with Ray Ban’s brand spirit. With his perseverance in the performing arts and constant exploration of his own style, Zhang Yixing has become a worthy example of youth while gaining extraordinary achievements. He is the best interpreter of Ray-Ban DNA, who insists on “Keeping true to me”.

Talking about this cooperation, Zhang Yixing, Ray-Ban Greater China brand spokesperson, said: “I always like Ray-Ban sunglasses because Ray-Ban’s every new design can become a leading trend indicator. I am deeply honored to cooperate deeply with such classic internationally-known eyewear brands, and in my opinion, the best way to interpret the spirit of Ray-Ban is to be true and true and to have your own Ray-Ban glasses. I come together ‘to be true’ and actively and fearlessly move forward with my dreams.”

“Ray Ban encourages and supports each generation of young people to show true self and enjoy their lives – this has become the brand’s unchanging mission. This time Zhang Yixing became the first brand spokesperson in Greater China and not only showed Ray-Ban to a new generation of consumers in China. He deeply understands and hopes to pass the “classic, innovative, and fearless” Ray-Ban spirit to every young person who pursues dreams through Zhang Yixing’s true personality and success story.” Lu Xun Tec Group Retail Greater China District President Alessandro Donadelli stated: “On the world’s fashion, fashion, music and cultural stage, Ray-Ban has worked together with numerous superstars to create countless classic legends. I believe that this cooperation with Zhang Yixing is also destined to be the beginning of the next legend.”