Ray-Ban Launches Upgraded Pilot Sunglasses

Luxottica Group, the owner of Ray-Ban, announced that Ray-Ban has launched the latest Never Hide communications platform – not hidden, convinced and changed. The focus of this campaign was a group of creative photography by famous photographer and video producer Cheryl Dunn. This series of photos is full of love. Never Hide’s spirit of breaking the idol and asserting oneself is the essence of Ray-Ban.

The protagonists in the photo play a pioneering role in daily life. They constantly open up, break stereotypes, refuse to follow the crowd, and are ready to meet changes. The protagonists in these photos are telling you their first faithful and changing story. The new glasses series is designed for people who are eager to show their individuality, refuse to prevail, and boldly show their self. With traditional style and modern attitude, they will create quality products for supporters of Ray-Ban’s past, present and future.

The classic Ray-Ban Aviator launched a new upgraded material and color scheme. The brass-like effect gives the metal frame a vintage patina effect, contrasting with the modern appearance of the brightly colored mirror lenses. It is an indispensable trend piece this summer. This style is optional: semi-bright brushed bronze with gray purple, red, lilac or blue mirror lenses.

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