The special history of Ray Ban

Ray-Ban is said to be a big hit. It was originally an aviator sunglasses. It was born thanks to the US Air Force Lieutenant John MacCready. The pilot who drove the small aircraft across the Atlantic in 1923 knocked on the Bausch & Lomb Company one day. The door. The flying career brought a sense of speed to the “wind man” and also caused irreversible damage to his binoculars. In order to continue his career, he asked Bausch & Lomb to create a pair of goggles for him. So, the Bausch & Lomb company began to develop sunglasses in accordance with the Air Force’s request. Ray-Ban sunglasses were born.

During the World War II, American pilots wearing leather jackets and novel and unique Ray-Ban sunglasses appeared around the world. Their splendid image has greatly enhanced the popularity of Ray-Ban sunglasses in the world. Ray-Ban sunglasses, which had experienced World War II, became one of the symbols of the US military. As a fashion product after the war ended, it quickly swept the globe.

With the passage of time, sunglasses have become more and more popular, and have gradually changed from fashion accessories to the must-haves of everyday life. In the mid-1980s, Tom Cruise used the classic Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses in the Top Gun, setting off another wave of Ray Ban sunglasses. Since then, in recognition of Raybee’s outstanding contribution to fashion, the American Fashion Association has awarded him a very heavy design award.

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