Ray Ban sunglasses for the Generals

From April 25th to May 4th, 2017, Luxottica Group, the global leader in the field of glasses, Ray-Ban Ray-Ban, the classic sunglasses brand under the Lucentica Group, officially landed in the capital Beijing in the spring and summer of 2017, and in Xidan Joy City, Beijing. New product launches and series of events.

The newly-presented Ray-Ban 2017 series of single products at the event became the protagonist of the event. With the musical movements of the notes, the shock of the “mirror” world has opened up a new trend in the trend of glasses. As the opening of the new series, Ray-Ban’s most fashionable and unique styles are presented one by one. Each pair of glasses reflects Ray-Ban’s perfect control over design, quality, and color, allowing you to show different personalities and display. The same as yourself.

As a classic brand of sunglasses, Ray-Ban is focusing on young fashion, breakthrough tradition, and bold style. Has been committed to the classic brand presented to every dynamic and sunny young consumers, hoping to bring them a different style of fashion experience. This time the flagship of a variety of new series of glasses have their own characteristics, from Ray-Ban Aviator Ray-Ban pilots to the new interpretation of the Ray-Ban TheGeneral general Ray-Ban, Ray-Ban from the attention of the Ja-Jo Ray-Ban arrogant models to the debut Ray-Ban Dean new members Raymond Li Qiang models, all show the latest trends in design inspiration and Ray-Ban exquisite unique fashion taste.